ACROSS 200 Club

For many years ACROSS has operated a very successful 200 Club and the proceeds help ACROSS to raise some of the £150,000 necessary each year to continue taking sick and disabled to Lourdes.

Prize money varies according to the number of members subscribing but 40% of income is returned to members.     Currently prize money will be  £150 first prize each month and the runners up prize increased to £50

In addition an annual prize is drawn each year at the Jumboball and  the  prize is now a whopping £1000. Now that is serious money!

Membership costs just £4 per month payable by bank standing order.   Alternatively you can pay £48 annually either by cheque or by standing order.  

This is the same as the cost of purchasing a lottery ticket weekly and the chances of winning are infinately greater.   In addition you know where all the proceeds are going to - and no one takes expenses or receives any profit.

A list of winners in the last twelve months is shown below:


Date  Name Prize
May-11 Joan McBride £150
John Hales £50
Apr-11 Adrienne Gilham £150
R Creswell £50
Mar-11 Joan Wilcocks £150
Adam Stevens £50
Feb-11 Bill McHale £150
Thomas Sunderland £50
Jan-11 William Kelly £150
Michael McDade £50
Dec-10 James Rossiter £150
Martin Sullivan £50
Nov-10 Georgina McArthur £150
Phyllis Doogan £50
Oct-10 Breege McGinley £150
Eleanor Lovett £50
G McDermott (Jumboball prize) £1,000
Sep-10 Sylvia Burgoyne £150
Moira O’Donnell £50
Aug-10 Pat Riddell £150
Julia Conn £50
Jul-10 David Burke £150
Phyllis McLeay £50
Jun-10 Brenda Mullan £150
G Grant £50


Come and join us! You can't win it if you're not in it!

For an application form, dowload an electronic version from this link or send Julie an e-mail or give her a ring at the ACROSS office.

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