Jumbulance Day


Jumbulance Money Box

Thank you for raising money for us by saving your coins! It’s Jumbulance Day, so it’s time to carefully open and empty your box, count up the money and transfer it to our bank account.

Don’t have a Jumbulance Money Box?

Click here to request a Jumbulance Money Box.



Bank Account Name: Across • Sort code: 80-08-64 • Acc No: 00101485.

Please put your name as the reference.


When you have transferred the raised funds, please complete the form below.


Donate raised Jumbulance funds

  • Please input value in Pound Sterling
  • Please provide the name of your moneybox
  • Please provide the reference code you were given when you received the Jumbulance Money Box if you have one, if not, your name would be great. It's so that we can match up funds received with forms submitted.
  • Please reuse your moneybox if you can. Every one reused saves us precious pennies in printing and postage, but if you or someone you know need another, let us know!
  • We will treat your information with the utmost respect. Your details will not be sold or given to third parties. We will only use your details to confirm the submission of this form, send you a moneybox and we may use your email to send you news on Across. Please tick the box to agree to us having your details on file.