What Legacies Mean to Across

Pilgrimages by Jumbulance have been possible for 45 years. Throughout that time hundreds of people facing life limiting conditions, disabilities or terminal illness have been able to enjoy the journey of a lifetime with Across. Those journeys have included pilgrimages to Lourdes, Rome and the Holy Land, as well as a range of holiday destinations across Europe.

Many of those who have travelled with us would never be able to travel by other means. It is easy to take travel for granted these days, with flights and holidays accessible to all parts of the world. But some people can’t just get on a plane. They need round the clock care, support and friendship. Across has provided that since its beginning, thanks to the many donations and gifts people made which have supported nurses, chaplains, young helpers, and keeping the Jumbulance on the road.

Without such crucial financial support, many people would have missed out on a wonderful experience and enjoy a life-changing journey – which for many might be their last.

Why we need your help now

Why do we need the money? Because as a charity, we subsidise the travel cost of all our VIPs, nurses, doctors and volunteers. Some we subsidise a little, some a lot, but all of this comes from our funds and generous donations. Without generous support, we would not be here today, 45 years after the first Jumbulance went to Lourdes. Without gifts like yours, Across won’t be able to keep the Jumbulance on the road.

Your gift means your faith lives on

When people travel Across to Lourdes and elsewhere, they share their many gifts of faith, love and service to others. We have all benefited from such generous gifts, and want to continue sharing our gifts and our faith for many decades to come, but we can only do it if we raise £250,000 a year. Some of this money comes from within our loving community including Friends of Across and also the strong Catholic network that supports us. However we are very aware that many people want to leave a lasting legacy that ensures their faith and love for others lives on after they are gone, making travel possible for many more years to come.

An easy change to a will or codicil

It is so simple to leave a gift in your will, or to add a codicil (a piece of paper that is an addition to your will), but the effect on our charity is profound. If it wasn’t for one particular gift a few years ago, we wouldn’t be in the place we are now, facilitating hundreds of pilgrimages a year.

How to make a legacy and tell your family

You will find sample wording on our website, but we can also email or post you a leaflet if you contact us. It really is very simple, but you should always consult your solicitor and have the forms properly witnessed.

It is also really helpful to let your family know why you have chosen to give a gift to Across to others, so that they understand why you have chosen Across.