Andy didn’t set out to be a Jumbulance driver, but life has a habit of changing things!  His early working background included gardening, before working in sales and customer services, including work for the likes of Sky and Curry’s.  Andy’s first experience of Jumbulance travel was in 2001 when he spent a season working for the old Across Trust as a mini Jumbulance driver in Lourdes.  After this he was hooked on Across and the work we do!

The following two years Andy worked as a standard Jumbulance driver for Across, driving to and from the UK. At the end of 2003 he decided to try his hand at something else, and became a car sales executive. This was to become his life for the next few years, but during that time he always felt something was missing.  So when Across came calling in early 2007, he didn’t take too much convincing to resume his driving duties with us.