Marianne first travelled to Lourdes with the old Across Trust in 1988, and has been a devotee of Lourdes and the Jumbulance ever since.  She has led National groups since 1992 and was delighted to join the Across Board in 2008, giving her the opportunity to give something back to an organisation that she felt had made a huge difference in her life.

Marianne’s career has been focussed on the travel and tourism industry, with 20 years of running self-catering holiday businesses in both the UK and Europe; more recently she led the National Trust Holidays business including managing working holidays for over 3000 volunteers each year.  Her areas of expertise cover marketing, IT development including website and booking systems development.  Half-French and bilingual, Marianne is well placed to be a key point of contact with our hotel and transport providers in Lourdes. As Chair of the Across Board of Trustees Marianne has oversight on all areas, with particular focus on marketing, promotion and supporter development.