Thank you for considering a gift

I would like to thank you for thinking about leaving a gift in your will and leaving a legacy for the next generation.   

I am an Across trustee because I first saw of the transformative power of Jumbulance travel when my grandmother, recently widowed, first went to Lourdes in 1988. Her Across journey was such that members of my family have made the pilgrimage to Lourdes as group leaders, helpers, trustees and VIPs ever since.  Her legacy has been our continuing connection and support for Across’s mission.    

For nearly 50 years, Across has been making travel to Lourdes possible for those who can’t travel through ill health or disability.  Each group that travels creates bond and friendships that are life changing.  To do this we need your support.

Each year, Across subsides every traveller with additional support available for young people, nurses and priests.  We need to raise additional funds to do this.  By remembering Across in your will, you will make travel possible for the sick and disabled for years to come.  I know your will is a very personal matter and taking care of those closest to you will be your priority.  Once you’ve ensured your family is looked after, your will offers a chance to ensure Jumbulance travel is there for people who need it in the future. 

Any gift, large or small, will help us to continue to offer this unique and often life changing experience.