Across make pilgrimages possible for those who can’t travel through ill health or disability; we need your support to keep our wheels turning. Travelling by Jumbulance, we carry VIPs, medics and our volunteers from all around the UK to our pilgrimage destinations, providing full physical care and support.

Join us on our journey as a volunteer with a local or national group and you can make a difference to our VIPs on a pilgrimage, making amazing friends and family along the way.

No experience is needed to be a volunteer with Across, if you wish to travel with us, you can fundraise your trip or pay your own way.


Skilled Volunteers

Our skilled volunteers include medics, nurses, carers and priests. We are always open to hearing from anyone who has experience in looking after medical and spiritual needs. Speak to us to find out more about joining us for a pilgrimage.

See our Volunteer Page to find out a little bit more about joining a Pilgrimage to Lourdes with Across.