Why make a will

What is a Will and why is it so important?

A will is a legal document that outlines what happens to your assets after you are gone. It ensures that your family and people that are special to you, are remembered and provided for. It is also an opportunity to make a gift to a cause that you care about and is important to you.

Writing a Will can be a daunting prospect but is probably easier than you think. As it is a legal document, it is important that it is drawn up by a solicitor. A good way to start is to draw up a list of all your assets e.g. your belongings, savings, property etc. Then make another list of all the things you owe, such as loans and mortgages. This will give you an idea of the worth of your estate.

The next step is the make a list of all the people who are important to you and whom you would like to include in your will. Once you have ensured that your loved ones are provided for, you might like to think about giving to one or more charities. It would mean a great deal to Across for us to be remembered in your will.

Once you have made your will, you will need to appoint an executor who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes. This can be a person who you trust or a professional organisation such as a solicitor or a bank. It is important that your loved ones know where you will is stored and who the executor will be.

We can’t give you advice, for very good reasons, but you can download our leaflet and a codicil form and visit these useful resources:

The Law Society – Find a Solicitor

The Government advice page on wills